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Complete Home Organizing within 30 minutes of Walnut Creek, CA‚Äč.



"Wow--thank goodness for Kiera! She helped me to get my entire home organized. She helped me go through and get rid of items that I no longer needed...some were 15 years old or more! Thanks to Kiera, ‚Äčeverything has its place--and I can easily put my hands on things that I need. It's a freeing experience to get rid of junk and items that we no longer need or use."

--Susan, Danville

Kiera Rain, Professional Organizer since 2003, works one-on-one with clients. She is a wiz at helping clients de-clutter and get organized using what they already own. She teaches clients how to become self-organized so they can easily keep systems in place.

Name of Person

Kiera Rain, Owner/Organizer

-Drug Free

-Smoke Free

-Fingerprint, DMV, Out-of-State, and other Background Checks Approved

-Kid and Animal Lover

-No Major Allergies

-Patient, Calm, Understanding, Sincere

-Hard-working Perfectionist, which maximizes what you get for your dollar

-Natural at Coaching you through the process

-Supporter of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Questioning (GLBTQ)

-Open to all faiths, religions, backgrounds, ethnicities

-Works in trailer parks to multi-million dollar gated communities

-Experience with disabilities (mental and physical)

-Non-Fragrance User (scent-free detergent, no perfume, no hair product, no scented lotions)

-Loves to check-in with clients to see how they are doing

-Cheers you on through the entire process and beyond


Q & A:

Q. Tell us about a recent job you did that you are particularly proud of:

A. My father always said, "If you're going to do something, do it right the first time. Put your all into everything you do. Finish each job knowing you did your best." And I respect his advice to this day, so I always walk away knowing I did the best I could do, leaving not only myself but my clients satisfied. The pride I have for my work shows in my quality of services.

Q. How and Why did you get into Professional Organizing?

A. I grew up with hoarders on both sides of my family. People would regularly come up to my childhood home and ask if we were having a yard sale. "Nope....Just like this," I'd explain to them with a smile. My grandmother's home was way more severe, but it was neatly cluttered--every single space was taken up of perfectly stacked piles and items categorized in jars. Later on, my mom was watching a Dr. Phil episode and immediately called her sister--"This is what Mom has! Turn to channel 23!" That was back when hoarding was just becoming a more openly discussed topic.