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Bay Area Professional Organizer Co. Team

We band together to defeat your clutter!

Bay Area Professional Organizer Co. Team

We band together to defeat your clutter!

Kiera Rain, Owner

Specialties: Complete Home Organizing for Professional Women in their 30s-60s, Doctors/Nurses/CPAs/Lawyers, Offices and Small Businesses, Virtual Organizing, Super Overstuffed Homes

Kiera grew up in a hoarder home. She started professionally organizing at age 14. Her first job was organizing management offices and two-story storage units of holiday decor at the mall where her mom was the sales and marketing manager. From 2003-2009, she worked for big and small businesses, country clubs, hotels, warehouses, even a trucking company (so many tools and parts!). In 2009, she incorporated home organizing into her business model. Kiera is a wiz at helping clients de-clutter and get organized using what they already own. She is a phenomenal coach so clients can learn to become self-organized and keep systems in place long after she's gone. And if things accidentally pile up again--that's ok; Kiera does check-up visits to get clients back on track.

Kat Tischler

Specialties: Minimalism, Small Spaces, Offices, Overwhelmed Moms, Moving, Coaching, Hobby-Lovers

Kat started out life as a cluttered packrat, with collections a plenty and a frazzled brain. But between moving 13 times in 9 years, spending more time organizing her cubicle than actually working, and watching far too many reruns of TLC's "Clean Sweep,"  she learned how to let go of the unimportant and maximize space in small homes/offices. Now, she is a living, breathing minimalist! Kat is uber passionate about passing on the skills she's learned, helping clients obtain a calm and clutter-free home/life/work balance once and for all!

Jessica Sorrensen

Specialties: Nurseries, Kids, Moving, Traveling Prep, Decorating

For Jessica, home organization and making a space glow in beauty have always been passions. She especially loves creating nursery and kid spaces! Jessica is also a flight attendant; when you move a lot and are a big traveler, but love the possessions you have accumulated along life's journey, it becomes an exciting challenge to make it all work. She looks forward to discovering what treasures you have that can be re-purposed to make life easier. Good-Bye pile of "I don't know where to put this!"

Amy Hawkins

Specialties: Businesses, Offices, Professionals, Coaching, Staying Calm Under Pressure

Amy has a B.S. in Business Management from San Jose State University and has worked as a Project Manager for over a decade. Her background in project management married with her unique skills for motivating people allows her to quickly assess the scope of an organizing project and keep clients enthusiastic and on task. After 14 years in the corporate world, her aim is to help people create positive change in their lives through better organization--at work and at home. She is a member in good standing with NAPO and attends organizing seminars as well as takes online coursework regularly.  

John Silva, Handyman, East Bay

Specialties: Scratching Things Off Your To-Do List, Hanging Things, Fixing Things, Creating Handicap Accessibility, Friendliness, Ease of Scheduling

Cable & Wiring Organizing, Earthquake Proofing, Smoke Alarms, Creating Handicap Accessibility, Light Bulb Replacements, Window Treatments, Hanging Wall Art and Mirrors, Towel & Grab Bars, Gutters (cleaning, repairing, installing gutter guards), Broken Garbage Disposals, Toilet Problems, Painting (interior, exterior, touch-up), Ceiling Fans, Caulking, Assembly, Repair & Installation of Furniture/Shelving/Cabinets/Closet Rods and Shelving. 

Additional Service: $65/hr.

Ivan, Junk Hauling in the South Bay, Peninsula, East Bay

Specialties: Recycling, Donations, Hoarder Estate Clean-Outs, Furniture/Appliances/Mattresses/Yard Junk Haul-Away

Commercial and Residential, Recycle and Donate, Foreclosure Clean-up, Yard Clean-up, Bricks and Concrete, Junk Hauling. 

Additional Service: Free in-person or over-the-phone Estimate!